Dental Augmentations: Brushing and Flossing

Focusing on your health care includes making sure you have a safe and abrasive-free plan to wash away debris and plaque buildup. Brushing twice a day is extremely effective for cleaning the surfaces of your teeth. However, brushing cannot reach between teeth. For this task, an interdental cleaner such as dental floss will need to be used. Make sure you... read more »

Behavior to Avoid During Softball Season

Are you a softball player? If so, you’re about ready to start your season. As you play, it’s important to keep your smile in mind. This is because there are softball habits and behaviors that can affect your smile and oral health. You want strong and healthy teeth and gums, right? Well, our dentists, Drs. DeMercy and Kossick, are happy... read more »

Dentistry Blog for Beginners: Tooth Replacements

  Enhancing your smile includes replacing any missing or damaged members. If teeth are so severely damaged that they must be extracted, it is a good idea to have a tooth prostatic in mind to replace it with. Highly effective procedures include dentures, dental implants, and dental bridges. Through the use of a tooth replacement, you can guarantee your smile... read more »

Tips for Maintaining a Professionally Whitened Smile

Professionally trained dentists like Drs. DeMercy and Kossick will often recommend a dental bleaching treatment to address a case of significant dental staining. The training, tools, and experience they possess can safely remove discoloration from your tooth enamel. With your white smile fully restored you will still need to take daily steps and adopt some simple daily habits to prevent... read more »

Achieve Optimum Holiday Health with Composite Dental Fillings

In order to ensure your smile has the greatest chance for oral health care success, it is important to visit your dentist for examinations to check for any forms of dental damage that have arisen. This includes checkups to determine if any cavities are present in your teeth. If a cavity is present, a composite dental filling treatment can be... read more »

All About Chewing Gum

  Are you aware of the benefits of chewing gum and how they can be used to help keep your smile safe? Chewing gum is extremely beneficial for your oral health care because it can help promote the addition of saliva. Saliva is essential for washing away food debris and harmful acids to ensure your smile can last as long... read more »

Pay Attention to Early Symptoms of TMJ Disorder

The human mouth incorporates a plethora of structures the allow you to perform a wide range of oral functions. This includes two temporomandibular joints that hinge your jaw. If these complex joints are compromised by physical dysfunction, latent inflammation, or muscular distress, it can significantly hamper your overall quality of life. Early symptoms of developing TMJ disorder often includes a... read more »

Think Before You Drink

Many holiday traditions involve consuming alcoholic beverages. Before you drink, be aware of the effects of alcohol on your teeth, gums, and overall health. Alcohol acts as a diuretic. This means that it cues your body to release too much fluid, and you can get dehydrated. Dehydration can lead to headaches, reduced brain function, and irritability. Additionally, alcohol dries out... read more »

Root Canal Therapy Can Restore the Health of Your Smile

If the dental pulp in the root canal of a tooth becomes infected, our dentist may recommend a root canal to restore the health of your smile. Symptoms Sometimes, there will be no noticeable symptoms that a root canal is needed. Often, however, tooth pain will be present. This discomfort can range from mild to severe and may be worse... read more »

When Should You See the Dentist?

When should you go to the dentist? Most people think about heading to the dentist whenever they feel a toothache coming on, a cavity appears, or a tooth is injured or lost. However, emergencies and problems are not the only reasons to make an appointment at DeMercy Dental. In fact, seeing your dentist on a regular basis will give the... read more »