Do you have a stubborn tooth that distracts from your otherwise beautiful smile? Well, we offer dental bonding in Roswell, Georgia, to fix that tooth to your liking.

Dr. Jeff DeMercy, Dr. Amanda Kossick and Dr. Curtis Guest provide dental bonding to:

• Repair decayed teeth
• Close spaces between teeth
• Repair chips or cracks
• Improve the appearance of a tooth
• Make a tooth look longer
• Change the shape of a tooth
• Protect a tooth’s root

This is the easiest and least expensive treatment that can fix your tooth. It can usually be done in one visit unless there are multiple teeth involved. This method also requires a small amount of tooth enamel moved compared to other procedures.

The process does not require an anesthetic and begins with your dentist picking a shade of the composite resin color. After the perfect color is chosen, the surface of your tooth will be roughened and conditioned, which allows the bonding material to adhere to the tooth. The material will be placed on the tooth, molded, and smoothed to the desired shape. Your dentist will then use a special light or laser to harden the putty. After it is hardened, they will shape it and polish it to create the perfect fit.

This treatment should only take about an hour to complete and will make you leave the office satisfied and confident. To schedule an appointment to utilize dental bonding, call us today!