dentureAre you ready to replace your teeth with a functional yet removable product? If so, Drs. DeMercy, Kossick and Guest offer dentures in Roswell, Georgia, that are perfect for you!

Dentures are products that are made of a pink, gum-like product that have replacement teeth attached to the side. The dentures are placed into your mouth, over your gums, and suctioned to the roof of your mouth. These are safe, removable products that make life much easier. They give you the ability of smiling, eating, and talking properly. They also give you the freedom of having teeth whenever you would like. You can take the dentures out before bed or you can put them in to go to the store, take pictures, and eat. If you would like specific instructions on when and where to wear your dentures, ask your dentist at your next appointment to DeMercy Dental.

Dentures might take a little bit of time to become familiar with, which is completely normal. We suggest that you begin using the dentures by eating small, soft foods. Once you get used to eating these foods, you can gradually move up to the normal, everyday foods you eat. We also recommend speaking difficult words aloud. This will help your tongue become familiar with the dentures and will also restore the ability to properly speak again.

Are you ready for your dentures? Call us now and set up an appointment!