We offer endodontics to treat any problems with dental pulp. The most common procedure used in endodontics is a root canal treatment, and Drs. DeMercy, Kossick and Guest are happy to save your dying tooth with this method.

Root canals are needed when the nerve of your tooth is infected or the pulp becomes damaged. If you do not treat a tooth suffering from these conditions, the swelling could spread to your face, neck or head, and you could lose bone around the tip of the tooth. You could also have drainage problems in the tooth, which will result in the creation of a hole on the side of your tooth. The liquid will then leak into the gums, through the cheek, or into the skin.

The process of a root canal involves your dentist numbing your tooth and surrounding area with a local anesthetic. Your dentist at DeMercy Dental will then drill a hole into your tooth and remove the pulp, bacteria, decayed nerve tissue, and related debris. Your tooth will then be deeply cleaned, making sure there is no longer a risk of infection or apparent bacteria. Once your tooth is cleaned, your dentist will fill the hole, layer by layer, with a white filling. You might feel a little sore after the treatment, but you will no longer feel the excruciating pain you felt prior to coming into the office. The soreness can be dulled by over-the-counter drugs. With more advanced lesions, communication and referral to a specialist will be indicated.

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