Oral cancer is very common in many people, but Dr. Jeff DeMercy, Dr. Amanda Kossick and Dr. Curtis Guest hope to prevent it by oral cancer screenings in Roswell, Georgia, and early treatments.

Oral cancer screenings only take a few minutes to complete and are performed with every regular dental exam. Along with your professional cleanings, the hygienist and the doctors thoroughly examine inside and outside of your mouth, visually and through palpitation of the mouth and neck. We suggest having an oral cancer screening every six months along with your professional cleanings. The screening will involve your dentist at DeMercy Dental visually inspecting the mouth and palpitation of the jaw and neck. If you keep up with your regular cleanings and exams, there is an increased chance of your oral cancer being caught at an early stage. When the cancer is detected earlier, the necessary treatment could have better prognosis.

If you are suffering from the following symptoms, we ask that you come in and see us as soon as you can:

• Red or white patches on the gums
• A persistent sore or irritation on the gums
• Pain, tenderness, or numbness in the mouth or lips
• Difficulty chewing, swallowing, speaking, or moving your tongue or jaw
• Struggling to fit your teeth together when you close your mouth

For more information on the oral cancer screenings we provide, call our office now!