Dental Bonding Can Give You a More Pleasing Smile

Dental bonding is a procedure which can help repair minor damage to a tooth. Let's say you have a cracked or chipped tooth, or a tooth which is has increased sensitivity teeth, you may benefit from a dental bonding treatment. This restorative process can even help with an irregularly shaped tooth. Dental bonding can treat tooth decay and close minor gaps between teeth. At... read more »

Serious Smiles Deserve Serious Treatments

Serious smiles deserve serious treatments. If you have suffered damage to your teeth, dental bonding treatments may be required to restore your smile to proper working condition. Dental bonding is most often used for chipped teeth and works by bonding materials directly to damaged areas. Dental bonding is a cosmetic tooth restoration treatment used to improve your oral health care... read more »

Your Total Smile Makeover

If you have suffered major damage to your smile from injury or decay, you might think that it beyond saving, much less fully restoring. We at DeMercy Dental would like to respectfully disagree. That is because we offer a complete smile makeover for people who require all kinds of work. Some people have suffered considerable damage to their teeth as... read more »

How to Care for Bonded Teeth

Do you ever feel embarrassed, or even ashamed, of your smile? If you have minor smile flaws, Dr. DeMercy and Dr. Kossick may recommend dental bonding in Roswell, Georgia. During the bonding procedure, our dentists will apply a tooth-colored material to your teeth and use a special light to harden it and bond it in place. This material can enhance... read more »