Dental Implants Will Restore Your Smile

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If you suffer from missing teeth, you are not alone. Many people look for ways to restore their smile, without the use of dentures. That is why dental implants have risen in popularity. Thanks to advances in modern technology, dental implants are now an effective way to replace either one missing tooth, or even multiple missing teeth.

Dental implants are surgically placed into your jawbone. This is because it is important to give your tooth the support it needs. The implant itself acts like a root of the tooth and keeps your jawbone and structure healthy. The healing process can take a while. However, during the healing process your dentist might recommend eating softer foods so your jaw can heal smoothly and properly. Once your jawbone is healed, your dentist will then place an artificial tooth over your implant restoring your smile. This tooth will be customized and colored to your specific needs and match your smile perfectly.

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