Tooth extractions are common dental procedures aimed at removing a damaged or problematic tooth to maintain overall oral health. Our dentists may recommend extractions for various reasons, including severe decay, advanced periodontal disease or crowded teeth. The procedure starts with a consultation, including X-rays, to assess the tooth’s condition and surrounding structures.

During the extraction, Dr. Jeff DeMercy or Dr. Amanda Kossick ensure your comfort through local anesthesia or sedation. Using specialized instruments, they carefully loosen the tooth from its socket before gently extracting it. In some cases, a tooth may need to be sectioned for easier removal.

We will make sure to give you post-operative instructions to help you heal. It is crucial to adhere to these guidelines to minimize the risk of complications, such as infection or excessive bleeding. Patients may experience mild discomfort and swelling, but these symptoms are temporary and can be managed with prescribed medications.

Tooth extractions pave the way for restorative treatments like dental implants, bridges or dentures, helping patients regain proper oral function and aesthetics. We emphasize the importance of replacing extracted teeth promptly to prevent issues like misalignment or bone loss. Regular follow-up appointments allow our dental team to monitor the healing process and address any concerns, ensuring a successful recovery and long-term oral well-being. Call DeMercy Dental at 770-641-8010 if you think you need a tooth extraction in Roswell, Georgia.

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