Welcome to DeMercy Dental, where cutting-edge technology meets exceptional dental care. Revolutionizing the way we approach diagnostics, our state-of-the-art 3D digital scanner sets us apart in the world of modern dentistry.

Say goodbye to traditional impressions and hello to a more comfortable and precise experience. Our 3D digital scanner utilizes advanced technology to create highly detailed, three-dimensional images of your teeth and surrounding structures. This allows our skilled dentists to accurately diagnose and plan your treatment with unparalleled precision. Experience the benefits of a faster, more efficient process, as our digital scanner eliminates the need for messy impression materials. The non-invasive scanning procedure ensures a comfortable experience for our patients, making dental visits a breeze.

Dr. Jeff DeMercy and Dr. Amanda Kossick believe in staying at the forefront of dental innovation to provide you with the best possible care. Our commitment to incorporating cutting-edge technology like our 3D digital scanner in Roswell, Georgia, reflects our dedication to delivering superior diagnostics and treatment planning for optimal oral health.

Discover a new era in dentistry with our advanced 3D digital scanner — pioneering technology for a brighter, healthier smile. Your journey to exceptional dental care begins by calling us at 770-641-8010.

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