During your visit here at DeMercy Dental, we like to take into account whole body health. Your mouth is more than just for chewing and talking — it is the gateway to the rest of your body! Diseases and other health concerns can present inside your mouth. We look at these signs and symptoms to help bring attention to your health. One of those ways is by looking at your airway.

Think airway has nothing to do with teeth and your dental needs? Think again!

Dentists are the first line of screening for any airway issues. Signs of wear and tear (clenching or grinding), acid reflux (erosion), thumb sucking habits and large tonsils are just some of indicators of a potential airway issue.

Why is this important?

Getting adequate breath is everything for your health. Everyone’s airway is different, and making sure you have the optimal set up for your body is key. During the exam and cleaning appointments, the airway is evaluated. It is possible that further questions may be asked to help determine if any restriction is present.

Who does this affect?

Both adults and children are subject to restrictions. Research is showing that with earlier interventions, reduction in airway issues can be achieved. Restrictions include tonsils, adenoids, tongue tie and inability to nasal breathe.

What are the next steps?

When our dentists, Dr. Jeff DeMercy or Dr. Amanda Kossick, or a member of our team identifies signs or symptoms of potential problems that may affect the airway, a referral will be made either to a dental airway specialist, ENT or myofunctional therapist. To learn more about how your airway health in Roswell, Georgia, affects your overall health, call our office at 770-641-8010 and plan your visit to our office.

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