Our dentists and team use intraoral cameras at DeMercy Dental solely for the patient’s benefit.

Many people learn and understand things when they are able to see them. We use intraoral cameras to allow the patient to see what Dr. Jeff DeMercy and Dr. Amanda Kossick see and understand what they are saying. This is an excellent means of allowing the patient to view potential problems they might have. If they see the problem themselves, they might better understand how important it is to take very good care of their teeth.

The intraoral camera is a wand-like machine with a camera at the very tip. Our dentists will hover the camera over your teeth, zooming in on potential problems, while you lie in the dental chair. A monitor will be right by your side and show you exactly what we are talking about. This is a great way of understanding the issues present in your mouth and also how to prevent them. It is a wonderful educational experience and has the potential of giving our patients the motivation to deeply care for their teeth.

To learn more about the intraoral camera in Roswell, Georgia, call us now at 770-641-8010! We are happy to answer any questions you might have.

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