Dentistry Blog for Beginners: Tooth Replacements

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Enhancing your smile includes replacing any missing or damaged members. If teeth are so severely damaged that they must be extracted, it is a good idea to have a tooth prostatic in mind to replace it with. Highly effective procedures include dentures, dental implants, and dental bridges. Through the use of a tooth replacement, you can guarantee your smile has a greater chance of success in the future and can avoid numerous risks associated with lost or missing teeth. See below for tooth replacement benefits:

– Dental implants are highly effective tooth replacement treatments that are permanently affixed to your mouth. They are attached to your jaw bone for a solid hold that can guarantee no food restrictions will be necessary. With dental implants, you do not run the risk of tooth slippage or need any food restrictions as dentures sometimes may require.

– A popular tooth prosthetic that is permanently attached to your mouth is dental bridges. Dental bridges are permanently connected to your mouth by affixing themselves to nearby or neighboring teeth and providing you with a complete smile once more.

– Did you know that dentures are removable and can even come in multiple forms? Partial dentures are often used to replace a few missing teeth at a time whereas complete dentures are designed to replace entire rows of teeth. Furthermore, dentures are known for being easily detachable as they are designed to be taken out and cleaned on a nightly basis.

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