Home Remedies for a Burned Mouth

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It may be safe to say that we have all been guilty of this at some point. You’re sitting at a table and your food finally arrives. It could be a succulent burger, fresh from the grill, or an eggplant parmesan with the mozzarella cheese gently spreading over its sides. Or perhaps it’s a piece of pizza that sits in front of you, which makes your stomach growl like it hasn’t seen food in a month. Either way, you lift the food to your mouth, eyes closed in anticipation of the glorious sensation, and knowing your stomach may soon be sated, and just as you bite down to start chewing, your eyes open at the horror of an unexpected sensation: intense discomfort.

In your haste to begin eating, you might have forgotten to test your food’s temperature, and you may now have burned your mouth. What you do immediately afterwards can make a difference in your recovery time and comfort level. Drs. Jeff DeMercy and Amanda Kossick would like to provide a few ideas on what you can do to help relieve your discomfort and help your mouth to heal.

Drink water
Cold water can help to quickly bring down the temperature in your mouth and to keep your mouth hydrated. Staying hydrated during this time can help make sure that the bacteria, found naturally in your mouth, won’t cause further harm.

Keep it cool
You may want to eat foods that are soft and cold for the remainder of the day, that can be easily eaten. Things like yogurt or applesauce can help to calm the burning sensation you might have, but you may want to drink a glass of water as well to help clean away any food particles.

Use sugar
It might seem strange for us to recommend it, but sugar may be a way to relieve your discomfort that isn’t well known. A small sprinkling of it on a burned tongue can help to ease your discomfort if you let it dissolve. Honey might have similar effects and has been used in other countries to help promote the healing process.

Salt water swish
After things have cooled down, you can use a warm salt water mix to gently swish around your mouth. With salt being a natural antiseptic, doing this can help reduce your discomfort and help promote healing.

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