Information about Pregnancy and Oral Health

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Whether you are thinking about pregnancy or already are, there are some critical pieces of information you will want to know about the link between pregnancy and oral health. Here are some questions and answers to illustrate:

Q: What oral health problems might pregnancy cause?

A: Like gestational diabetes, it somewhat common to contract gingivitis while pregnant. This is because your higher hormone levels amplify your gums’ response to plaque irritants. The ultimate cause, however, is not pregnancy, but plaque. It is, therefore, highly preventable.

Q: How does bad oral health affect pregnancy?

A: Scientific researchers suggest that there may be a correlation between gum disease and premature, underweight births. The hypothesis is that gum disease triggers higher levels of the biological fluids that bring on labor. More research needs to be done to support this claim.

Q: What can I do to have a healthy baby and a healthy mouth?

A: The best thing to do is to take care of any oral health problems before you get pregnant. If you already are, however, show particular attention to your oral hygiene routine, eat a balanced diet, and visit your dentist regularly.

Q: When is the ideal time to book my dental appointment?

The ideal time to book your dental visit is during the fourth to sixth month of pregnancy. If you have an oral issue, Dr. Jeff DeMercy and Amanda Kossick will be able to detect and treat it quickly.

Please call DeMercy Dental in Roswell, Georgia, at 770.641.8010 to book your appointment as soon as possible. Remember to tell us that you are pregnant when you call so we can prepare. We’re here to serve.