Pay Attention to Early Symptoms of TMJ Disorder

The human mouth incorporates a plethora of structures the allow you to perform a wide range of oral functions. This includes two temporomandibular joints that hinge your jaw. If these complex joints are compromised by physical dysfunction, latent inflammation, or muscular distress, it can significantly hamper your overall quality of life. Early symptoms of developing TMJ disorder often includes a... read more »

When Should You See the Dentist?

When should you go to the dentist? Most people think about heading to the dentist whenever they feel a toothache coming on, a cavity appears, or a tooth is injured or lost. However, emergencies and problems are not the only reasons to make an appointment at DeMercy Dental. In fact, seeing your dentist on a regular basis will give the... read more »

What Is Osteonecrosis Of The Jaw?

Osteonecrosis of the jaw (ONJ) is a rare but serious condition that can cause deterioration to the jaw bone. Learn more about this disease and if you are at risk for it. Causes ONJ is also called antiresorptive agent-induced osteonecrosis of the jaw (ARONJ) because antiresorptive agents like bisphosphonates and denosumab can cause this condition. Antiresorptive agents are used by... read more »