Your Total Smile Makeover

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If you have suffered major damage to your smile from injury or decay, you might think that it beyond saving, much less fully restoring. We at DeMercy Dental would like to respectfully disagree. That is because we offer a complete smile makeover for people who require all kinds of work.

Some people have suffered considerable damage to their teeth as the result of an injury or accident. Others have experienced significant tooth decay. Still others simply don’t like the appearance of their teeth and are looking for a change. In any of these cases, our dentists can work with you to create a plan for your total smile makeover.

The specific treatments you receive will depend on the nature of your needs. They can range from white fillings and dental bonding procedures to repair minor imperfections to veneers and crowns to restore more significant areas. We may even dental implants to replace entire missing or damaged teeth.

The work we perform is meant to last and provide you with a lifetime of satisfaction. There really is nothing quite like looking in the mirror and admiring the smile you see. If you need a complete smile makeover or want to learn more, please call our office here in Roswell, GA, today. We are excited to get to work!