When Should You See the Dentist?

When should you go to the dentist? Most people think about heading to the dentist whenever they feel a toothache coming on, a cavity appears, or a tooth is injured or lost. However, emergencies and problems are not the only reasons to make an appointment at DeMercy Dental. In fact, seeing your dentist on a regular basis will give the... read more »

Saving a Tooth with a Root Canal Treatment

If you have a tooth that is badly in need of a root canal treatment, don’t keep putting it off because you are worried that it might be painful. In fact, remember that the goal of a root canal is to relieve you of pain! These days a root canal can be viewed as similar to receiving a dental filling,... read more »

Causes of a Toothache

A toothache can be caused by several sources.  Any single one of them can pose serious complications. If it goes untreated for too long the problem could become very significant. If you suspect your toothache is directly related to a recent trauma such as a blow to the face, it could be that the dentin, pulp or root of the... read more »

Having Toothache Trouble? Try These 3 Tricks!

Thanksgiving is almost here bringing the promise of delicious aromas that fill the room and make us all hungry. However, even during the best of times, toothaches can still occur. If you find yourself this season with a painful toothache, contact your dentist right away. If you are unable to go to a dentist right away, then there are steps... read more »